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Yesterday who is Valentine's Day ~

Valentines Day Valentine ,also known as Valentine and Valentine ( St. Valentine s Day ) ,which in February 14th each year, is one of the western traditional festivals .On this day among men and women give chocolates ,cards and flowers, to express love or friendship ,has become Europe and the United States with young people.
Holiday. Maybe this world has how many lovers can have as much about the origin of Valentine And Chinese now almost fanatical enthusiasm for Christmas ,Valentine into the minds of countless young people ,to become China traditional festival outside of another important festival in .
Our country ,lunar Chuqi July night ,the weather is warm ,fragrant grass ,this is people common July 7th Festival ( Chinese Valentine ,also called &quot or &quot ;Festival ;&quot ;daughter &quot ;,it is a traditional Chinese festival of the most romantic festival ,is also the last girls most the day.
They are the bright moon, put on seasonal fruits ,beg sky goddess worship in the air, giving them the intelligence of the heart and dexterous hands ,begging for can have a happy marriage. Valentine a legend in ancient Rome Period ,February 14th was to express the respect and JONA Festival.
Is that numerous magical Rome empress of the Romans at the same time ,she will be enshrined as the God of women and marriage. Then in February 15th, called &quot ;Lupasala Festival &quot ;,is used for lower yuenazhi other gods of respect holiday .
In ancient Rome ,the young man and the young girl strictly separated .However ,Wrong in the rainy season _ Xin Yue,on Lupasala Festival ,boys can choose an own beloved girl on the vase. So ,for the holidays,The Cultural Revolution embroidery investment value, the boy can dance with the girl of their choice ,to celebrate the festival.
If to be selected for the young girls are interested in it, they would have been matched ,and eventually they fall in love and getting married in church together. Posterity will end the year as Valentine February 14th .
Legend two Valentine in English it is called St. Valentine s Day :&quot ;( intended for Valentine section " ) .Literally ,it is difficult to see what is the connection between the Western crooner .
This hidden inside a moving story .The third Century ad ,ancient Rome a tyrant named Claudius ( Claudius ) .At that time, ancient Rome foreign wars, in order to make up the men, the tyrant ordered : all age men ,have entered the military to serve their country.
Ever since, the husband leaves a wife, leaving the young lovers ,the entire Rome covered in long lovesickness .However ,tyranny forbid not love. Not far from the tyrant ,there is a very beautiful the temple of friar .
Valentine ( Valentine ) lived here .He was respected by the Romans ,men and women,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000, old and young ,whether rich or poor ,always clustered around him ,the altar in the raging flame ,listen to Valentine .
Ancient Rome war has been without stop ,tyrant Claudius recruited a large number of citizens to the battlefield ,voices of discontent. People .The men did not want to leave home ,the boys to and away from the lover.
Claudius stamp with rage ,he was not allowed to hold weddings ,even all engaged in also immediately to the dissolution of a marriage. Many young people on this farewell love ,grief and indignation towards the battlefield .
Young girls because of losing her grief ,Valentin depression .Tyrant of the line of child feel very sad. When a young couple came to the temple of his request for help ,Valen the great ,in the sacred altar before they quietly To hold the wedding ceremony.
People spread from mouth to mouth ,a lot of people come here ,in the Valentine formed with the help of a partner .News finally came to the palace ,spread to the ears of a tyrant .Claudius and a stamp with rage ,he commanded the soldiers stormed into the temple ,the Valentine from a wedding being held the new side towed, into a dungeon .
People begged the tyrant ,but all in vain .Valentine finally in the dungeon was tortured to death. Sad friends will be buried in his St. church. That day is on February 14th ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,that year is 270 BC.
Three Legend Legend Valentin is one of the earliest Christians ,that era to be a Christian means danger and death. For the protection of other martyrs ,Valentine was caught ,[turn] married detailed process ~ keep it ~ you don't have to, also can serve others planning,put in jail. Where he cured the daughter of the governor of blind eyes .
When the tyrant hear a miracle ,he was very scared, so will the Valentine Ding beheaded .According to legend ,in the execution of that day morning ,valentine to the warden wrote a letter lovey-dovey farewell letter ,signed by :From your Valentine ( from your Valentin ) .
The blind girl in the tomb ,he planted a saffron almond trees ,in order to Pin their wall ,this day is in February 14th .Since then ,Christianity was put on February 14th for Valentine Legend four historians prefer to get at the end ,they perform on Valentine seems to be convincing.
earlier than 270 BC,when the city of Rome just the foundation ,or around a wilderness ,packs of wolves wandering around. In Romans worshipped gods ,animal husbandry God Lu Bo Kunz ( Lupercus ) in charge of the shepherd and flock protection.
February each year, the Romans held a grand ceremony to celebrate the festival of Lupercalia .Then calendar compared to now ,to a little bit later ,so the Lupercalia festival is actually a celebration of the coming of spring .
Others say the festival is celebrated by the God Faunus ( Faunus ) ,which is similar to the ancient Greeks as sheep foot ,with horns on its head pan (Pan ) ,director of animal husbandry and agriculture.
God of the origin of animal husbandry is far too long, even the first Century BC scholars are unable to confirm. But the importance of this festival is to allow all doubt .Such as historical records, Anthony ( Mark Antony ) is in the year 44 BC Lupercalia ,crown grant Caesar ( Julius Caesar ) in February 15th each year .
, the monks will gather in Rome city the reduced D Palantine) a mountain cave ,it says here ,the ancient city of Rome founder ( Romilus andRemus ) by a She-Wolf to help yo grow up.
In the festive celebrations ,a young nobles ,with a sheep whips ,in the streets run. Young women will be gathered in the streets ,beating expectations sheep whip to their heads. They believe it will make them easier to procreate.
In Latin, sheep whips whiplash is called Februa ,called fabruatio ,actually contains &quot &quot ;purity ;the meaning of the name of February .( February ) is derived. With the forces of Rome the Lupercalia festival was brought to what is now France and the United Kingdom.
Most people always enjoy it a festival similar to the lottery. The young woman was placed in a box ,and then taking the young man drew .To become a man and a woman lover ,time is one year or longer .
The rise of the Christian people to commemorate the gods of the custom gradually indifferent .Priests don the festive joy ,so will the Lupercalia festival ( Lupercalia ) into a Valentine Day ( Valentine s Day ) ,and moved to the February 14th.
So ,on Valentine and the ancient legend of the festival was a natural combination .This festival in England in the middle ages is the most popular. Unmarried men and women names are extracted, they exchange gifts ,woman in the years to become the man Valentine.
In man on the sleeves embroidered woman care and protection of the woman is the man .The pope in about AD 498, announced on February 14th is Valentine .Such marriages Roman Christians believe that approach was not legitimate .
During the middle ages ,in the UK and France ,February 14th is normally considered birds mating season .Therefore the day added a content ,that it should be a romantic day .Valentine gifts are the Orlean Duke Charles prison in Tower of London ,wrote his wife .
Because he was captured in the battle of Agincourt .This was written in 1415 blessingbeing stored in the British Museum in London. Few years later ,King Henry V hired John Lydgate wrote a song for Catherine of Valois as a Valentine .
Valentine history can be found in the modern sense of W Lundin lover is in early fifteenth Century .The French young Grand Duke of Orlean at the battle of Agincourt ( Agincourt ) captured by the British ,and then be locked in the Tower of London for many years.
He wrote to his wife a love poem, about 60has been preserved.Do with flowers valeentine day keepsake in approximately two hundred years after the appearance of .Henry IV ( Henry IV ) of a daughter in the Valentine Day held a grand party .
All the ladies from the selected her Valentine man received a bunch of flowers. In this way, the continuation of the ancient Italy ,France and the UK customs ,we can in the annual fourteen February to own friends love message .
Flowers ,candy hearts ,with lace and folding spike sent conceal the names of a pledge ,not only represents a true love ,the courage to resist the tyranny of friar Valentin best memory .Valentine each February 14th &quot ;Valentine ,also known as &quot ;&quot ;Valentine &quot ;is a need for careful days mm for single people and romantic people is more such .
&quot ;Valentine &quot ;early in the morning gets up on your key hole outwards from prying eyes. According to one legend ,if you See the first person is in alone ,then you will be single year ;if you see two people or more counterparts ,then you will find that the lover ;if you see a cock and a hen ,you will be in &quot &quot ;Christmas ;previously married.
Now the courtyard is rarely cock hen infested ,urban open space also won chicken disappeared,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings, so if you can see a pair of pigeon or a pair of sparrow also has the same wonders .Bachelors on Valentine morning &quot ;&quot ;encountered by the first individual special attention ,because if you are unmarried and is looking for partners ,you destined to be the first person to see and in February 14th married ,at least the people will be in your life play a decisive role role.
If you don ,you can give your loved one morning call ,requirements on the other side of the car to work. Or keep close at home ,at noon to go out again ,is also a good strategy .&quot &quot ;Valentine ;is one ancient holiday ,can be traced back to Christianity before Valentine ,but &quot ;&quot ;but recently argument.
According to one legend ,Valentine is ancient Rome two homonymous bishop ,two per capita in the public Yuan 270 years died. They died before doing the last thing to do is to write a love letter (then wife who can marry ) ,thereafter ,&quot ;Valentine &quot ;this name was applied to the early religious ceremony .
According to one legend records ,&quot &quot ;Valentine ;the day the birds pair off ,bees also amphibious flying ,so a man .In different times ,&quot ;Valentine &quot ;prediction of marriage ,attract lovers in different ways.
From ancient Rome to Vitoria times ,people with two strains of half-open flowers to predict marital status for unmarried men and women grow .Two strains of semi open flowers, flowers in the first letters to their name the first letter of the same.
If two flower to open ,it indicates a couple lifelong happy ;if two flower back open, it indicates a couple will part company each going his own way ;if the flowers in full bloom ,said the future of the family have a flourishing population ;if there is a flower fade or death situation ,then the mean the couple have one party will precede the other party and died young .
If you don resign oneself to one ,can try from Buckinghamshire for an old method :in the &quot &quot ;Valentine ;night lit a candle ,in the bottom bar two Needle ,to ensure that the needle through the wick ,side bar ,bar :I not only candles a ,I want to penetrate the is TTT ,whether he is sleeping is awake ,I asked him to come with me to talk ,but must pay attention ,you choose a dream lover to the actual number of ,don be the character is said to be seeking .
,candle combustion to needle ,you will open the door to your running .Second approaches is in &quot &quot ;Valentine ;a week before every night to bring the right foot sock onto the left foot ,and mouth muttering incantations :&quot ;dream of living, not dead ,this is the young man ,I want to match with .
&quot ;after speaking to keep silent to the next morning .Third approaches are in bed before the left socks is on the neck .Attention should not be too tight, if they broke ,it may be spoiled .
Believe that if the unmarried woman shoes placed T fonts under the bed ,and open the window ,will dream sweetheart or found him standing in front of the bed .This success in rural rate higher ,because of her suitors from the window into specially put shoes.
Although since the Vitoria era, &quot ;Valentine ;decline over 100 years. Days ,the festival has become more and more popular. &quot ;Valentine &quot ;is about love ,romance and flowers ,chocolates ,Hallmark holiday ,to our mind is precious.
Different times ,Valentine customs vary from 1837-1901 .The British Queen Victoria during the Valentine is the most unique :the day of February 14th ,a pair of lovers ,will a student has two flower buds of spring branch graft in early puberty in a special pot.
Spend the first letter must be the couple a name the first letter of the anastomosis. A few days later ,if the Spring Branch double bud in full bloom, add radiance and beauty to each other ,it indicates that the lovers together forever ;if the two company ,is North spit pistil ,the man would be like birds flying in different directions ,of love ;if the bloom was huge ,brilliant ,said after the house full of children and grandchildren ,joy ;if the flower withers ,the lover of a risk of early death .
In Buckinghamshire also had flourished in Valentine night prayer study :lit a candle ,insertion of two fine needle ,the bottom is inserted into the candle wick from ,say your lover ,pray love always ,to be the candle burns to the tip ,is said to love people will timely knock door to have a lover .
Festival :in the Valentine week ,for 7 consecutive nights ,will be left on the socks off to the right foot, repeated wish :&quot ;let my beloved can enter the dream tonight .&quot ;reportedly ,then the fall a lucky red thread.
There will take around neck pray love .Vitoria times ,Valentine gradually faded ,twentieth Century thirty or forty time, along with the popular Valentine greeting card ,and complex heat again.
In some countries ,Valentine has evolved for women to men to express friendship trend ,then ,and in March 14th as &quot ;also plot &quot ,namely men ;to the woman presents to show &quot ;also &quot ;.
Valentine day of friends ,belongs to the family of the day ,which belongs to the Valentine .In the west, Valentine only the best time to express affection ,but also to his beloved people the best time to marry him .
At this point ,Valentine embody ,is the ancient Romans designed this festival was intended ?Valentine generally on Valentine ,by giving a red rose to express the feeling between the lover .
A half-open red roses lining on a beautiful green color ,and then In a transparent plastic bag in a single flower ,in the lower half of pedicel with ribbons ,the last beautiful bowknot, forming a beautiful beautiful small bouquets ,as the best gift on Valentine .
Rose is one of main world gift flower ,indicates single-minded ,emotion and vitality of roses .Deep red ,pink ,yellow ,white and other colors .Famous varieties of Queen Elizabeth ( red) ,first love ( yellow ) .
Valentine to send red roses for valentine rose up .With a few branches advisable ?Is more of course better ,a branch takes the show special preference to meaning, three branches are represented &quot ;I love you &quot ;.
Send 6 branches ,8 branches represent lucky number,send 11 branches ,is to give the most beloved person 10 branches ,a branch represents himself. As for sending 24 branches is the international common practice ,12 branches are a dozen,representing the year 12months,the pursuit of perfection, year after year to offer the compassion of Italy.
Valentine is also indispensable. Chocolate since its birth is in love with have all kinds of connections with contact. People love chocolate with sweet expression on lover .The United States in the 1980 the diamond business begins for Valentine Jewelry promotional activities ,making Valentine Gift types from chocolate and flowers two major categories ,more jewelry in this category.
Valentine Valentine dinner date culture usually represents the relationship development key .Each country (region ) :the United States of America culture .:men in this day to his female friends say Happy Valentine &quot ;&quot ;has no special relationship, and gradually evolved into a public occasions like the greeting form.
But males are less in public on another male so hello. .Britain :from the beginning of seventeenth Century ,Valentine became common. .Japan :women give chocolates to her love of men ,while men one month after the White Valentine ( gov.
cn one ,White Day ) salute the table Zhongchang ,this is a Japanese businessman in 1965, speculation. .China :after the reform and opening up, with the development of commercial speculation ,many young men and women began to celebrate the holiday .
Because of the &quot &quot ;a word ;different understanding ( in Chinese, &quot ;lover &quot ;sometimes contains &quot ;&quot ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,&quot lover mistress ;;&quot ;,namely the legal marriage outside the relationship means ) ,was a lot of criticism ,on the other hand ,because of concerns about the influx of Chinese Western traditional festivals , dilute the traditional festival ,this festival often by conservatives to oppose and resist .
Until now ,every year this time ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe,still in the media has a similar comments .By western culture .Hongkong :long-term effects ,celebrating Valentine has a long history .Both men and women will give each other presents ,male feeding female standard gifts are usually flowers ,chocolate ,such as jewelry ,watches ,male female send Tie Mens clothing supplies ,and often to the restaurant a candlelit dinner .
.Macao :in the Valentine send flowers ,male female ,female will give male chocolate ( chocolate ) .Male and female lovers have attached great importance to this Day holiday ..Taiwan :also celebrate the holiday ,not the object contacts of young men and women often in the centripetal on ad ,couples will also on this day .

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