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Sky water [chapter eighteenth - Chapter nineteenth] BY MMIT

Tags :Gay novel autumnale long day long reprinted 18 increasingly hot weather,Chongqing heat notoriously tough ,it was not her most domineering yet .Wen Hao just before the sun went a long way ,finally returned home, a door,Adidas Wings the foot wrap fold, see the table laid with a disc of watermelon .
He got lost in the desert travelers found an oasis ,&quot ;&quot ;cheering a rush past. A bite block body two ,the summer faded ,he remembered how ,Song Shaoyan has disappeared ?These days are so ,the idle about ,have nothing to do .
Unusually ,that evening, than he would busy ,also do not know what .Have a look of Wen Hao ring ,lost in thought ,is the HH that went out with another guy ?Want to finish he would laugh ,they also think that fantastic and absurd .
Sofa placed on today newspaper headlines ,without exception, to write the government ordered the removal of Chongqing city security department director of news ,and many editorials ,more homogeneous in unison for eighteen ladder shelter door lock of the culprit .
Wen Hao ask face forced smile ,afterwards again held accountable ,and irreparable death Difficult life ,also have what use ?But able to calm the people ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,it is something is better than nothing.
.as time goes by, the dead cause hurts Buddha also faded ,the street was restored to its former heavy traffic ,the riverside building at an alarming rate to build HH all agitate of wind and cloud, it is this city as in the past ,the silence of the charged up.
That day how many people died in the tunnel ,to make is a fan ,he only knew ,on thousands of unclaimed bodies were transported to the edge of the Yangtse River of black stones ferry slopes hastily buried.
Through the rise and fall, hundred years of laughter ,the last escape but a soil steamed bread .Are spring and autumn ,Song Shaoyan from the outside in .&quot ;come back so early? &quot ;he saw Wen Hao ,startled .
&quot ;you your busy ,come back late .&quot ;Wen Hao replied peevishly. But his hot a layer of shiny forehead ,and love to pass a piece of watermelon. Song Shaoyan didn take ,but by the flickering black eyes stared at him, some said anxiously :&quot ;Wen Hao ,I want to tell you one thing .
&quot ;this pair look to be poker-faced Wen Hao scared. &quot ;what &quot ;his heart ?Love also follow the perturbed .No HH he really love ?&quot ;I attended the American volunteer group .
&quot ;Song Shaoyan &quot ;every single word or phrase to say .Is it hh&quot ;in addition to instinctively say those two words ,Wen Hao couldn know how to react. He never dreamed about it these days ,Song Shaoyan in and out like a bee, originally had grand plans.
Always coldhearted song actually volunteered for the state and the people to play ,how happy thing ah HH can he not only did not relax ,but added to break into a sweat with fright .But he can let Song Shaoyan see his nervous and reluctant, but strong.
Happy and said aloud :&quot ;is ?I wish you more battles ,the early triumph !&quot ;national big things ,small things rare be immersed in love ,lose one Song Shaoyan Ken hill, he should be happy, happy to look cheerful ,happy clap hands for joy ,happy to celebrate it on the HH laugh, laugh ah !Wen Hao forced himself at the corners of the mouth, filling up the bright smiles ,let the heart of his heart burned contradiction is not exposed to any clue.
&quot ;Wen Hao ,say no good .I just want you to know two points, first ,I love you Flight technology have faith ;second ,I love you ,so long enduring as the universe ,every morning and evening .
Alas ,in fact the truth ,you always know better than I .&quot ;Song Shaoyan is such a wise man ,and Wen Hao was always poor, how can he not understand the ideas in his mind .Wen Hao did not understand his idea .
Such a decision is not may be impulsive ,but over in one after the accumulate steadily .Shelter massacre is the wick ,gave them a big shock ,he can no longer like before muddle along life.
Who is that they are all the children of the Yellow Emperor ?When your country is kill in cold blood who hurt, how not to love her to save her ?&quot ;G Sun Alliance who stalks Song Shaoyan Lai withdraw his hand watermelon ,&quot ;this is for me to eat ?&quot ;&quot ;you still eat ?&quot ;he feels insipid .
&quot ;see the people of course I eat .&quot ;amazingly ,in this chaotic environment, even human life was not essential sustenance ,but the two men who had the real love grow. &quot ;after I left ,you can move the wedding garden to live, you hear? &quot ;&quot ;you have to Go ?You aid China how to aid law ,not to Chongqing when the camp ?&quot ;Wen Hao asked for the answer .
Song Shaoyan reluctantly smile, &quot ;circa September ,there will be one hundred planes to Yangon ,we will be in Myitkyina for battle training .&quot ;Wen Hao half opened his mouth ,but can not voice.
He knew that oneself in addition to worry about this man shall not be worried about the trials of a long journey .Cheng ,the .&quot ;how far ?!&quot ;it is eight thousand miles and month.
&quot ;the United States and Japan temporarily to face ,so only willing to aid one hundred old P-40 ,of course ,is comparison of a new kind of .This number, we can only defense ,impossible to attack.
You heard it, now the Burma war tight ,so our primary task is to protect the Burma Road ,the only material transport line not to be cut off .CAMC ( Chinese aircraft manufacturing company ) also migration in Ruili ,the plane stopped there, the maintenance is convenient.
&quot ;Wen Hao had to say: &quot ;there the damp heat ,mosquito Cheetos ,snakes everywhere, I heard that there are miasma ,remembered to bring a few bottles of Baihua oil .&quot ;Gee ,Song Shaoyan also did not go ,he would have be good Feeling, like a woman ,where there are no military demeanor ?Can ,he hastened to close the mouth.
&quot ;Wen Hao ,,to see you like this ,I almost regret, how to do ?&quot be overcome by one ;Song Shaoyan hugged him .&quot ;that I will become a traitor through the ages ?Wen Hao &quot ;gentle said.
Life contains not only meet, also contains part. This truth ,only to know people will understand. They hug ,keep silent .The sun began to fall on the west ,heralding another day is coming to an end .
The flight of time ,to date no more .It occurred to Wen Hao Li Shangyin that first time singing rain send North .Ask not ,hope of reunion among friends up autumn pool .He Danggong to cut the window candle ,you hope of reunion among friends .
What when ?What when ?&quot ;Shao Yan ,&quot ;he ,&quot ;I don ,you loved me ,but what I like place ?I look unlike women ,and the tall height h h&quot ;&quot ;I am so long as woman ,machine and high than you ,you don have feelings for me .
&quot ;Song Shaoyan face &quot ;this issue is too simple &quot ;.&quot ;Hello ,you want to find out ,I ,I to other men People don have this feeling, the university I dream lover or Ruan Lingyu .
&quot ;&quot ;and that the better .I for you is special is the only one on the line. &quot ;Wen Hao silence .His head to Song Shaoyan ,breath smell from him to upload mixed with soap ,tobacco and sweat light experience ,there is a male masculine taste and elegant fragrance ,scent of a woman is completely different.
But he likes .The same taste ,believe yourself there .Song Shaoyan would also like herself ,didn smelly ?&quot ;let .&quot ;he straightened up and suggested. &quot ;&quot ;Song Shaoyan do ?Can react.
&quot ;you once and Sue ,don just listen to opera to drink so simple ?&quot ;nonsense ,do X is cooking ?Song Shaoyan turn fear into joy ,&quot ;Wen Hao ,that will be very painful .
Wen Hao &quot ;actively seek but fail to get him ,but he instead decided to hit precautionary needle ,not to cannot but never enforced. &quot &quot ;Wen Hao ;I know .Make nothing of .
&quot ;so I will be careful. &quot ;he will be careful ?Song Shaoyan suddenly found the problem to have new need to communicate .&quot ;Wen Hao hh&quot ;he is not willing to believe to verify ,&quot ;do you want me to do with this HH L R ?&quot ;he raises his little finger ,bending two.
It was Wen Hao surprise ,&quot ;HH L r you want to do this ?&quot ;he cocks his thumb. &quot ;I have been !&quot ;&quot ;no, I absolutely do not be inserted one! &quot ;Wen Hao could not help but start violent language ,the most exaggerated, he also wore a be poker-faced ,serious face ,From the obedient son to Yuhong boss Liu Xingwang's multi-faceted life,like in the discussion of the school which even deeper rear flank is more appropriate as the expression to say such words too vulgar to be endured ,Song Shaoyan face was full of laughing ,&quot ;it is not you !&quot ;he hoped this day do not know how long the hope ,slightly thin but covered with &quot ;C Horie graph C badger a Suo min Kip Dan look carpenter 5coughplexus Mi about drought and freezing Luo Yue Lu milk suns and not from drowning Che Hu Wei Juan reeling sati Chan live squid stop ring Ao Wu Emperor and for every barrel ,Jiao mining blind play training to take crisp Ke falcon .
No LAN with Zhuo Yi Xing swaddling clothes .One since who do not want to do the power to decide the game ,may use the .&quot ;Hello ,what are you doing ?&quot ;&quot ;of course is to bed do more comfortable.
&quot ;&quot ;it You here in my hand is what meaning ?!&quot ;&quot ;if only I have the response ,it isn ?&quot ;&quot ;if you go on like this, I love you oh !&quot ;&quot ;I would never hit you, you willing to please HH me if injured, and one less skilled pilots .
&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;HH asshole !I would be very careful hh&quot ;that evening song house ,general turmoil ,smoke ,is really better than World War also wonderful HH winter ,Wen Hao goes through the Kang Zhuang three building ,only to hear from the building soft sweet songs .
I do not know what a star ,being infinite plaintively sings :will I take care hanging heart ,entrusted to the lovely people on HH Oh ,fluttering lovely people. Wen Hao looked to be overcome by one to the air ,although knowing what can to imperceptibly .
,Song Shaoyan left Chongqing almost half a year, but he didn used to it ,always feel not around the sarcastic man ,like less of something ;not to mention that house with three storeys ,a person lives free of too much HH appears ,he really is a bitchy ah .
&quot ;Lu brother ,what are you looking at ?&q Uot ;I do not know when, his little friend of fresh afterwards health ran over Wen Haochong .She smiled, put his hands in his pockets :&quot ;I aircraft .
&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;aircraft ?Afterwards health face suddenly turning white ,&quot ;we find a place to hide !&quot ;thus ,Japanese raid how terror ,even young children talking machine discoloration .
&quot ;nine girls ,I say it can help us to fight off Japanese aircraft own plane. &quot ;he smiled at the Kang .Song Shaoyan in Kunming they played Japanese petals drop and waters flow.
Fly pellmell ,can be saved one of happiness, a kindness knows no bounds. But hear over there ,Burma situation is not optimistic HH fresh afterwards health soon ran away to watch out, Wen Hao stood alone in the house ,holding hands ,indulge myself like a woman continue heaving .
Suddenly ,two young men from the three building out numerous luggage look ,the tenant .Also changed .Listen to the two men walked and comment :&quot ;here is pretty good ,why move? &quot ;&quot ;because the new good.
Do you know where to call what ?Fairy cave !Ha ha ,live in the fairy cave ,Seventh Fairy Hh&quot ;&quot ;enjoy you happy ,empty .&quot ;HH fairy cave ?Even Wen Hao envy .The place he went ,like a fairyland ,especially this time of year, hundreds of strains of small Qin export bloom blossom eagerly ,was the &quot ;Qi flower pieces glued Yao grass ,the wind to underarm fragrance full &quot ;state.
However ,the beautiful scenery ,but also two people watching can revel died ,alone looks lonely death .Lonely and melancholy reassailed her .Wen Hao doesn recall alone yesterday in the study of various boring into ,is to listen to the farewell to my concubine .
The Chu soldiers ,in Liu Bang account, neatly sings: barren countryside Hubugui ,thousands of miles of the army who order HH Hubugui ah why not return ,Wen Hao certainly knows for whom.
For the permanent old no parting, Wan Jiachang reunited dream .In the war years, only to be dream ,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com,can never despair hope .But the reason and emotion are two different things ,then how to convince myself ,certain mood or to leave .
This far through a personal ,heli elegant figure ,Wen Hao felt he should have seven or eight as Song Shaoyan Lu Wenhao ,again .You can be as Tom, Dick and Harry Song Shaoyan .He secretly laugh .
&quot ;&quot ;Wen Hao .That one approached ,remove the heads of the tricorn ,shake off the dust, Softly calling his name .He really is Song Shaoyan !How can that be? !Wen Hao just blinked ,no response.
&quot ;Hello ,is it right? You leave me ?!&quot ;Song Shaoyan did not have to imagine the welcoming and embracing ,seemed very disappointed. Between the two of them still have a paragraph of distance ,a little angry ,in winter in trembling Nandina lie in the middle ,as if out of jealousy, refused to let them come too last .
&quot ;Shao Yan hh&quot ;Wen Hao finally sound .In his sound next moment ,they have put Nandina on the ground ,tightly hugging together. The song in the gasoline and the taste of sunshine .
Wen Hao doesn remember it myself and Song Shaoyan home, known only to return to God ,he still buried his face in his shoulder ;he put the arm on his shoulders and back, never separated. &quot ;you have nothing to pamper me ?&quot ;Song Shaoyan asked .
Wen Hao didn not only to raise his head ,Sigh. Too many thoughts ,Adidas Wings,too many worries ,taught him how to speak of .&quot ;and I have come to discuss the government transport routes opened up ,have two days time .
Some details please do not discuss the matter, to see you more important. &quot ;Song Shaoyan muttered. &quot ;you this practice HH too irresponsible .&quot ;Wen Hao was nearly crying out ,mouth but still refuses to Frank .
But Song Shaoyan still laughing ,&quot ;because I don want you to irresponsible. &quot ;&quot ;you black ,and thin .&quot ;they finally leave ,Wen Hao carefully he extends to touch his face .
Song Shao ,&quot ;black is because more healthy ,lean because of stronger .You HH it pointed chin is how one and the same ?&quot ;can you ask ,of course, is &quot ;increasingly wide not regret the end ,consumers have for the Iraqi people and &quot ;.
Wen Hao looked hungry in gray green uniforms and song ,to tell the truth ,the clothes are not very clean ,but every line is fitted ,and black stockings boots and a belt as handsome as he is together ,particularly be good to hear or see .
His hair is messy ,chin and Hu stubble ,only one step away from the dirty ,but the achievements Incomparable sexy .Through gray shirt open collar ,can see the contours of ten male glamour of the clavicle ,silent entice one .
Just here to put him down ,eat dry wipe HH although he knew ,Song Shaoyan will not let themselves to succeed ,but he be overcome by one to swallow spit ,body internal waves of fever .
Lu Wenhao Lu Wenhao ,now the sky is clear and bright. HH blue day ,you have become a rut amorist .In his heart he scolded himself. But as long as a man ,see old lover was a &quot ;&quot ;sit in front ,who can inviting ?In fact ,Song Shaoyan more than he was.
&quot ;&quot ;yet we go upstairs ?A few old ,he used a full of passion eyes on Wen Hao ,raised such a request .&quot ;well .&quot ;Wen Hao did not reject all spring ,Xiao is short .
But even he himself to forget ,be made one skin what is the feeling .Away night Pan Qing se ,West Health Tsui rose ,soon went to the birds have homing night. The moon but shyly hiding in dark blue clouds, not coming out, is not to peek in the window of the red General situation of green HH the next morning ,the cold wind from windows irrigation in ,but the body has seemed immersed in warm ocean ,sweet and warm.
Wen Hao slightly bent ,even breathing revealed he was working on a dream .Suddenly ,the warm ocean disappeared ,icy Arctic cold blow against our faces .&quot ;!&quot ;he had to open his eyes ,he saw Song Shaoyan standing at the end of the bed face ,a practical joke smile ,two hands is also maintained opened quilt posture.
&quot ;Hello ,quilt is me! &quot ;Wen Hao fell ,the gas is today is him whole, want revenge are I do not know until what year he month. A talk he found his voice and sand and dumb ,very ugly .
Needless to say ,must be the last night admitted that man fiery through yelling when you too sweet sake. Song Shaoyan went to bed ,half to half advise to dress him up ,,&quot ;accompany me to go out to eat breakfast .
My months eat goulash ,have vomiting. &quot ;&quot ;all hh&quot ;Wen Hao suddenly moaned out a sound .His waist aching head .Song Shaoyan smiled ,and then use the soothing voice says: &quot ;and when I you in how many days are slowly retreat house Line .
&quot ;Wen Hao hates him ,a catch myself into chicken coop hair :&quot ;breakfast I want to eat spicy noodles ,hot off the most wonderful tongue you rascal !&quot ;he was not conscious of ,as long as the face of Song Shaoyan ,we will become one of two things come very naturally .
People can walk down the street ,see Jianjia gray mist ,only to hear the newsboy Hawking voice as one falls .&quot ;nickname ,the Japanese bombing of the United States Pearl Harbor ,Japan to fight !&quot ;&quot ;latest news latest news ,the United States President Roosevelt has declared war on Japan !&quot ;the Pacific War finally ,may not contain the outbreak.
Wen Hao was staying away ,&quot ;the HH when did it happen ?&quot ;Song Shaoyan not to regard it as right answer: &quot ;yesterday morning .But Roosevelt is probably the thing that evening.
I forgot to tell you ?&quot ;he deliberately put on a face of innocence ,gas Wen Hao at his beard ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,but feel helpless .&quot ;roll back. &quot ;he carefully but forced to push Song Shaoyan .
&quot ;go back to the squadron to ,so that make me angry .&quot ;Song Shaoyan shook his hand ,then said :&quot ;we should be high Xing is .Thus ,with the United States Air Force support ,China can grow ,the Japs back ,is only a matter of time.
&quot ;also on .Besides, their demand is so small, they only require the invaders back &quot ;&quot ;.They took the bus to the central city ,see all post Street Square in the center of the seat ,Song Shaoyan had prophesied the monument has been broken ,playing ground .
When completed, the temporary name for &quot ;bastion &quot ;the monument will be seven cubits high and seven feet ,meaning the seven seven incident ,a turret type tablet ,a total of five layers .
They stood wide &quot ;Li stamp tear ,which naturally sweater over magnesium aphid process w file Meng e .In masonry and steel crash ,Wen Hao heard Song Shao use gentle yet dignified voice said to him :&quot ;Wen Hao ,this time I go back ,will leave the AVG ( i.
e., the American volunteer group ,www.adidasjeremyscottit.com Dad,also known as FTT ,the Flying Tigers ) ,CATT ( i.e. China air transport team ) .If the expedition inferiority is still no improvement, we will try to develop air transportation routes in place of the Burma Road.
&quot ;Burma Road is from Yunnan Kunming to Burma Yangon road in Guangzhou ,after the fall ,it can be said to be China to accept international aid China supplies only the blood line .
Wen Hao in next to nothing. Recently, even Sullivan coffee price broke up a few times. Must be transportation output problems ,even if the government is afraid of people shake keep secret ,but you can guess.
&quot ;if all of Burma under Japanese occupation ,our the aircraft will have to start from India, fly over the mountains of Himalaya, to reach China .I don hide from you ,it will be a difficult route of flight ,no one is sure to be arrived at ,including me.
&quot ;Wen Hao still hold one .In his heart he quickly counting the DC-3 and C-47 aircraft ceiling how much is twenty-three thousand feet ,at .Standard unit ,about six thousand nine hundred meters .
However this is only theoretical ,if full load ,only to fly up to four thousand or five thousand meters. And the average elevation of Himalaya mountains ,far more than six thousand meters. And of course ,Song Shaoyan knows this, &quot ;we can only from the peaks of intermediate flying past ,this a slightly better ,technology caused by the pilot can do, but the mountains above the airflow abnormal repolarization ,nobody know the specific situation ,so the hh&quot ;Wen Hao bowed his head ,still do not Opening.
Song Shaoyan thought he was angry ,&quot ;I scare you ?&quot ;Wen Hao had to say: &quot ;I only regret ,in the construction of the Burma Road dragon chairman ,took only ten months ,but the builders are mostly women and children ,using the tools ,is to use bamboo pole and the handcart .
&quot ;Song Shaoyan comforted him to make a long story short :&quot ;we all have to work hard. &quot ;&quot ;Kunming heard people give you a name ,called Flying Tiger ?&quot ;Wen Hao strong spunks up ,say casually .
Transfer about the topic ,it a face ,why always dignified atmosphere exchange ?He thought. &quot ;they put the plane painting tiger shark as .&quot ;&quot ;you are painted to appear wrong .
&quot ;&quot ;this is the East-West cultural differences. &quot ;they are careful to not touch before the topic that night ,Song Shaoyan .Go .They had expected to meet this condition ,instant rendezvous ,hope that you are well before then ,once again together in love .
Today don ,and somehow years what month can be together again. But even so ,this sad day or a few daily daily .Months passed quickly ,from winter to spring ,about the United States flight team news ,do not know why less and less, while Wen Hao be always on tenterhooks days, bad news is from the South West come one after another ,he could not sit .
The Pacific War officially broke out, Japanese as sudden as a mask ear speed captured Singapore Nanyang Town ,and began to deploy troops into combat scheme was implemented in Burma in March ,he took the capital city of Yangon.
The Chinese expeditionary army and the British Army lack of understanding, and there is no jungle warfare experience ,but their opponents ,but Japan is known as &quot &quot ;jungle divisions ;the army division.
In addition to early in the plain of battle to occupy advantage ,obtained Rudong melon to defend the war and a series of victories ,the next day ,the army has been in a passive situation.
Finally, the expeditionary force had to retreat. The new 38 divisionmoved to the west, take shelter in India ,while the 200 division but because the route selection errors ,lost in the on the junction of the savage mountain ,he wounded commander General Dai Anlan ,also in the absence of treatment and drug cases ,heroic martyred .
When American Patrol finds them, and take them out of the mountains ,the dead soldiers have super Over half. In short ,the retreat turned into a debacle .Japanese follow up a victory with hot pursuit ,potential into bamboo breaking ,even done in one vigorous effort into the territory of Yunnan, make the already dangerous of China is facing the severe situation of thing converging attack .
While the hump route planning ,at the end of the first test, was a complete failure. The U.S. ace pilot Fawkes driving a C-47 aircraft departing from India, less than two hours then ran into the hills ,heroically died.
But the Burma Road has been completely cut off ,if not as soon as possible to solve the transportation problem, not only in the front line fighting soldiers supply problems can arise ,the rear of the masses will also become jittery .
Therefore the UK ,jointly developed by the hump route ,in the knowledge that it will be a dead line, also Yiwufangu to the fastest speed has been put on the agenda. So Song Shaoyan in early four and returned to Chongqing .
At four at the end of the second flight, he will be served as a main drive .&quot ;this is a new line ,&quot ;this day ,China Airlines Aviation Department director was attended by numerous dignitaries were explained .
&quot ;from the India Tingjiang River airport ,first flying north, to Du Du Mo ,there are Guide Navigation station .Then turn ninety-eight degrees to fly to the grape ,to east across the Tibet border ,the Hengduan Mountains ,Liangshan ,finally arriving in Yunnan.
Along the way there are Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and sea as markers .&quot ;his report ,all the people present were complexion dignified ,they know what it means ,through the Himalaya mountains .
&quot walk south ;&quot ;feasible ?Someone asked. The so-called south ,is composed of Tingjiang River sets out, fly one hundred and forty-three degrees by the river forks ,Yunlong ,Shimonoseki to Kunming route ,climate condition is much better ,navigation is more obvious ,and the voyage was shorter.
Aviation officer shrugged his shoulders ,I think ,the &quot ;regard the Burma situation and decide. &quot ;because the line must pass through the territory of Burma ,by Japanese planes to intercept the risk is much greater.
Then asked another key problem :&quot ;cost is many ,had calculated ?&quot ;&quot ;delivering a gallon of gasoline ,approximately two gallons of waste gasoline .&quot ;all Qi Qi issued mouth gasps.
Song Shaoyan sat in the last row ,secretly with a sneer ,arose out of the meeting room. He knew ,no matter how officials hesitated, finally also must agree to this plan ,because this is the only Choice.
Now available, quickly go back home ,meet Wen Hao HH &quot ;Hallo ,beautiful song .&quot ;corridor, a brown hair tall foreigner called him ,&quot ;&quot ;Song Shaoyan long time no see .
First of his respect a salute ,and then smiled and shook hands with him ,&quot ;Claire &quot ,hope that you are well ?;the foreigner ,he is prior to the government recommended air adviser ,had participated in the battle of the United States veteran Claire Lee ??thank Nolte ,now ,he is the captain of the Flying Tigers .
&quot ;thanks to you ,I am very good ,I also met beautiful Chinese fiancee .&quot ;&quot ;it seems ,I lied to you come to China to work really is kindness knows no bounds. &quot ;&quot .
;Oh ,don ,come with me quickly ,to meet your partner .&quot ;foreigners brought him into the next room ,cabin .A strong young people are sitting a table kicking the have a look ,the mouth is one of a chew gum.
&quot ;this name MIG ,is the Kunming aviation school instructors ,the test flight ,he be your deputy. &quot ;MIG gave Song Shaoyan a crooked line a ceremony .He is a typical American soldiers ,slacker ,but guts man, there is a kind of put all the contradictions to resolve In the silly smile gift.
&quot ;operator will be here in a moment ,he is Chinese .&quot ;the voice just fell ,only to hear a few knock at the door ,then a young Chinese soldiers appeared in the doorway :&quot ;CNAC (i.
e., China Airlines ) No. 6 machineoperator to register! &quot ;19Claire,the operator enters the house. &quot ;song ,this is commander Lu Wenhao. &quot ;he pointed to the operator. &quot ;this is major Song Shaoyan ,our pilot.
&quot ;he also to introduce Wen Hao Song Shaoyan song .Be very much puzzled by watching an American uniforms Wen Hao ,for a long time also said not a word to him ,out of sight of the fact ,not by shouting :&quot ;this is how one thing !If I remember correctly ,Mr.
Lu should be the army !&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;you know .Claire smile ,&quot ;on land .Major worked in battlefield information transmission ,so he is on a long-distance wireless communication is good ,at the same time ,the land before the major also received three months of parachute training .
&quot ;this scene ,Song Shaoyan wouldn have thought .He have a look have a look of Claire ,and Lu Wenhao ,after a long while ,just slowly nods: &q Uot ;I understand .Lu major, I hope we can cooperate happily HH .
&quot gnash the teeth in anger ;he said .While Wen Hao is away ,and he pretended to unfamiliar way .&quot ;you retiring? &quot ;at night, back at home, Song Shaoyan urgent and gas geological asked Wen Hao .
&quot ;I have persuaded mother ,to join the army .&quot ;Wen Hao deliberately misinterpreting his problem .&quot ;I do not mean that !You how you can do HH operator !&quot ;&quot ;operator work ,even with a crippled hand can be competent for .
&quot ;Wen Hao continued to misinterpret. &quot ;you know do not know how dangerous this flight ?!&quot ;Song Shaoyan get desperation .&quot ;know .This is I will fly with you cause. &quot ;Wen Hao tone said quietly ,with irresistible resolute .
&quot ;I don and you don become airport ,farewell .&quot ;&quot ;you hh&quot ;Song Shaoyan says nothing .He looked at the face lightly Wen Hao ,could not help with both hands holding his cheeks ,and gently stroked ,&quot ;Wen Hao ,you know ,how much I love you ?&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;HH know .
Because his mind, nor will he since the end of the weak .After Song Shaoyan left ,he often sat alone in a room in a daze .Sometimes I think, suddenly overcome by feeling of sorrow ,as if there is a true to my hunch is raided on mind ,like Wanjianzanxin ,let him pain, afraid.
Those who have been hiding and dare not show fear like overflowing like, in the heart of around impact dynamic but can not find a way out. Finally, he figured out ,only with Song Shaoyan ,born ,live together ;dead ,also died ,in order to calm his impending collapse heart .
As for the things behind ,he already please good old Li Yuntong ;and his mother ,also use the silent expression of his actions support .And Lu Wenhao together for so long ,Song Shaoyan asked for he is already have a certain degree of understanding, so he knows ,Wen Hao although usually not stubborn ,but inside they are a people in Sichuan &quot Paman ;&quot ;gas, once I decided to do something, is nine cow and not pull back.
Even know ,he couldn to persuade :&quot ;perhaps we will come to a bad end .Smile :&quot hh&quot ;Wen Hao ;sometimes ,the reason to be alive is more important than alive .Sir is not always taught us to say ,in the High Commissioner for refugees ? if not this word ,our anti-Japanese big industry how to have victory day ?&quot ;&quot ;take these empty truth to scare me .
&quot ;Song Shaoyan cry ,but hard to rub his hair ,&quot ;this evening, I will punish you this in advance and I did not discuss it cool guy !&quot ;Wen Hao at his ravaged their short hair ,do not fight ,but lower snickered ,as long as Song Shaoyan opposition ,was &quot &quot ;punishment ;look, what ?Because the hump route starting is crunch time ,government final through the night .
Then after a night ,the very next day early in the morning, they sit on a line to Yunnan long-distance bus .Wen Hao except that March ,also never felt such a long bumpy. Especially after the Yunnan Guizhou Province on the famous twenty-four turn ,is a feeling of stomach brew storms on rivers and seas .
Song Shaoyan is no better than he does easily .Because the former is the flight from Kunming Wujiaba fly directly to Chongqing White City Station Airport ,but this car, all because of the lack of fuel oil .
Along with sparse American troops are survey Landform ,they are the 1880 Engineer Battalionof the highway engineering ,is preparing to build twenty-four turn on solid wall in Guizhou mountainous area .
Many people ,both spontaneous free run to help them. The car is slowly moving forward ,the sky suddenly came the roar of aircraft. &quot ;alas ,Japanese bombing the highway !&quot ;the driver hurried out of the car and run away ,leading Wen Hao they hid in the roadside bomb shelter.
The way people ,were also soldiers organized to cave run .Here is the throat of Yunnan and Guizhou ,also in Kunming supplies to Chongqing and even the only way which must be passed in front ,the bombing was a homely food ,so even the car driver responses have acquired surprisingly fast.
Just ran to the hole, a loud bang is overwhelming hit, countless dust was blown to flying ,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo,air-raid shelter cave was collapsed .&quot ;fast ,you get into the depths of to .&quot ;Song Shaoyan pulled Wen Haozhao away .

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